Our Rent To Own Program


Our primary focus is to educate our clients to overcome the challenges of the future, both through our rent to own and credit repair programs.



No bank qualifying required
Only credit app qualifying

The appreciated price at the end of the contract

is predetermined

Initial Deposit

3% of the future purchase price

Monthly Payments

the rental portion is consistent for the entire term of your agreement. The monthly option payment towards the down payment depends on the future purchase price.

If qualified, our credit coach will guide you through an improved credit repair program. Resulting in a positive credit score to help you qualify for a traditional bank mortgage. We will become one of your best credit references.

Mortgage Brokers are experts dedicated to finding the right solution and simplifying the financing process. They commit the time to understand your individual situation and provide the best solution from among the hundreds of products available to today’s homebuyers.

The greatest benefit of our program is that it allows you to live in your dream home while saving up the money to pay for it just a few short years later

Only 7 Steps Away From

Your Dream Home

  1. Fill out an application form for approval, we will review and book an appointment with you if you qualify
  2. During your intake call we will discuss your application details further and answer any questions you may have
  3. We will require verification of your income, deposit, and ability to make monthly rental and option payments
  4. All applicants will need to sign a credit application and a non-refundable application fee is due
  5. We will introduce you to our Financial Advisor for valuable advice, and our Realtor to view properties
  6. Enjoy the comforts of your new home over the next 2-3 years while your credit improves
  7. CONGRATULATIONS! You are now a proud home owner.

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