At MB Rent 2 Ownwe understand the challenges faced when trying to obtain a mortgage.  The pressure, the stress and sleepless nights that follow, largely due to reasons beyond your control.

We have a solution in making this dream of home ownership come true.  By following our Rent 2 Own Program we can help you become a proud homeowner with value, both personally and financially.

Start building your foundation with us today and become grounded with our Rent 2 Own Solution today!

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A rent to own contract is a document that allows a portion of each month's rent to be applied to the purchase price of your own home.

♦  The tenant/buyer pays  monthly rent to the landlord/seller.
♦  Each month a portion of the rent is applied to the purchase price.
♦  At the beginning of the contract the purchase price is agreed upon.
♦  At the end of the contract period, the deposit and monthly credits are applied to the purchase price when our mortgage broker helps you qualify for a mortgage.



There are many benefits of a rent to own! Here are just a few...
♦  Minimum Cash Required!
♦  When you purchase a home the conventional way, you are required to pay a down payment of at least 5%,  closing costs, land transfer tax, legal fees and property taxes.
♦   With our Rent to Own program, you can get started for as little as 2.5% of the purchase price down!
♦   And no closing costs or legal fees
♦   And no land transfer tax
♦   And not even any property taxes while you're on the program


 No Bank Loans or Mortgages Required!

While you are renting, the landlord/seller will carry the mortgage for you. All you need to qualify is

♦ A credit report,
♦ A good job to support the payments,
♦ A small down payment


Credit Challenges ... NO PROBLEM! 

With Rent 2 Own MB, the renters can have a wide variety of credit histories. Qualification restrictions are not as strict as the banks. You will be approved at the sole discretion of the landlord/seller.

Leasing to own your home will give you the time you need to

♦ Build a work history.
Repair your credit.
♦ Save up a down payment.
♦ Find the best financing available.


Guaranteed Purchase Price!

Your purchase price is locked in.



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